who we are?

coachsultant’s profile
  • aligns years of business experience with coaching and mindset practices to ensure that what has stopped you in the past can be overcome to move you forward
  • works closely with your teams to meet your business needs and your long-term expectations and commit to deliver and help you implement customized solutions
  • focuses on reality, not theory
  • understands your business needs and focuses on adding real value to the business
  • is a problem solver
  • always keeps things simple
  • focuses on what really matters to drive your business forward.

areas of expertise

1.human capital strategy & organizational planning

The core of your business rests on a solid overarching company strategy which your HR strategy and initiatives should be closely aligned with. This alignment ensures that the most critical resources to the company, your people, are linked with the company’s mission, vision, and goals.

  1. performance management, employee relation & motivation

Your company’s most important resource is its “human” resource – your employees.  We can assist you in ensuring that employee productivity and satisfaction aren’t derailed by poor management, unnecessary conflict, disciplinary issues.  We’ll find proactive ways to keep your employees satisfied and engaged with your organization.

3.leadership development & coaching strategies

In order to maintain a competitive edge in the marketplace, your company must ensure training and development of your employees.

We can customize the training and development programs that you need to ensure your employees are equipped to achieve optimum performance focusing on both training employees for their current jobs and developing skills for their future roles and responsibilities.

  1. organisational transformation

Real transformation happens when people embrace change and become part of a transformed organization. It happens over time, not overnight.  We can help.  We begin by understanding where your organization is and where you want to take it.

5.hr audit and operational review

HR audits are tailored to address specific aspects of your HR function providing business leaders with a clear picture of where you are and uncovering areas that need improvement.

  1. recruitment strategies

Appropriate recruiting strategies will ensure  we efficiently locate and attract quality candidates that fit your culture and skill requirements.

process steps

2 hours complementary

  • identify your business needs
  • self evaluation on current situation (questionaire)

(coach approach)

1 hour complementary

  • discuss self evaluation results
  • identify areas for development
  • customers decision: continue development of specific projects or stop

(coach approach)

design & agree way forward

  • customized action plan (objectives, actions, resources, deadlines, costs)

(consultant approach)


  • as agreed with the customer, if necessary, adjustments will be done accordingly

periodical evaluation

as agreed with the customer, if necessary, adjustments will be done accordingly